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Broke Boys Offroad

"Only Gay Cops Pull Me Over" Sticker

"Only Gay Cops Pull Me Over" Sticker

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As a proud owner of a daily driven offroad vehicle, you know that getting stopped by the authorities for minor infractions such as tire poke, window tint or exhaust noise is just another part of the adventure. Our “Only Gay Cops Pull Me Over” sticker featuring an iconic meme of “Macho Man” Randy Savage pokes fun at the idea of cops having nothing better to do than pick on car guys for their choice of modifications.

This sticker is sure to make a bold statement (in a mildly humorous way) about the frustration and annoyance that comes with being pulled over for simply being cooler than everyone else. We all know the reason why we’re getting pulled over is not because you're going too fast. Ha-ha.

Get your hands on our "Only Gay Cops Pull Me Over " sticker today, fits perfectly in your rearview mirror! 

In the unlikely event that you receive negative feedback from the use of this sticker, we recommend that you handle the situation in a calm and respectful manner. We cannot be held liable for any actions or behaviors of our customers or any third parties that may result from the use of our products.
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