About Us

Welcome to Broke Boys Offroad, your one-stop-shop for unique and hilarious off-road stickers! We are a team of young and passionate off-roaders who love hitting the trails and pushing our vehicles to the limit. Located in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario, we are proudly a Canadian-based company.

After graduating from college with a major in marketing, we decided to combine our love for off-roading with our entrepreneurial spirit and create something that would allow us to share our passion with the world. And thus, Broke Boys Offroad was born.

an image of a 2 Door Jeep Wrangler JK flexed out on some rocks
Our stickers are designed and hand-crafted with love, and we put a lot of effort into coming up with funny and creative designs that will make you stand out on the trails. We believe that off-roading is all about having fun, and we want our stickers to reflect that spirit.
At Broke Boys Offroad, we're more than just a sticker store - we're a community. We love hearing from our customers and seeing photos of our stickers in action. That's why we encourage you to tag us on social media and share your off-road adventures with us. We promise to feature your photos on our website and social media channels, so you can show off your off-road pride to the world.
We also strongly believe in giving back to the off-road community. That's why a portion of our profits goes towards supporting local off-road organizations and trail clean-up efforts. We believe that by doing our part, we can help ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the trails for years to come.
We're excited to be a part of your off-road journey and can't wait to see where the road takes us next.
Thank you for choosing Broke Boys Offroad, and we hope you enjoy our stickers as much as we do!