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"Death Trap" Flight Tag

"Death Trap" Flight Tag

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Introducing our 1.3-Inch by 5-Inch embroidered "Death Trap" Flight Tag, the ultimate accessory for those who embrace monkey wrenching on your project car with a sense of humor. 

On one side, it boldly declares, 'keys to my death trap,' reminding us that adventure often comes with a sprinkle of risk. Flip it over, and you'll find the humorous motto, 'hold on tight, I built this shit myself,' because who needs professionals when you're a questionably legal YouTube-certified part-time mechanic?

Attach it to your keys, gear, or wherever your sense of humor leads you, and let the world in on the joke. Get ready to hit the trails with a grin, knowing that when it comes to adventure, you've got it all under control... mostly!

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