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Broke Boys Offroad

"Not Drunk, Trying to Hit Puddles " Vinyl Decal

"Not Drunk, Trying to Hit Puddles " Vinyl Decal

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Are you the kind of offroad enthusiast who can't resist the temptation to swerve and make a splash every time you spot a fresh puddle after a rainfall? We get it; we're all just big kids at heart, desperately trying to avoid growing up.

You're not tipsy; you're simply chasing the thrill of splashing through puddles. This decal is your badge of honor for those spontaneous, puddle-induced adventures. Stick it on your vehicle, and proudly declare your love for a wet and wild detour.

Available in various sizes and colors, this decal adds a splash of humor to your off-road journeys. Embrace your inner child and make your rides unforgettable with every swerve and grin. Get yours today and let the puddle party begin!

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