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Broke Boys Offroad

Broke Girls Offroad Flight Tag

Broke Girls Offroad Flight Tag

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Prepare to embark on your offroad adventures while representing the fearless spirit of Broke Girls Offroad with our exclusive 1.3-inch by 5-inch embroidered Flight Tag.

This flight tag is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of empowerment for dedicated offroad enthusiasts who strive in this male dominated hobby we all share. With our iconic 'Broke Girls Offroad' text logo meticulously embroidered on both the front and back, it's the perfect way to demonstrate your allegiance to the thriving offroad community.

Secure it to your gear, keys, or any spot that resonates with your spirit, and make a statement to the world that you're a valued member of our adventurous sisterhood. Elevate your offroad style and proudly represent our brand as you embark on your exciting journey!

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