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Broke Boys Offroad

"Show Me Your Highbeams" Vinyl Decal

"Show Me Your Highbeams" Vinyl Decal

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Designed with the average male consumer in mind, while making a humorous spin off the commonly known headlight mode – our “Show Me Your Highbeams” Vinyl Decal is the perfect addition to the back of your rig.

Expect envious smiles from your fellow breast-loving brothers on the road, and maybe even a wink or two from the highbeam holders who appreciate your unique blend of wittiness. After all, the saying can’t hate a man for trying.

So, if you're ready to showcase your passion for the 2nd best thing discovered after the wet t-shirt contest, this is a must have piece to put on display. Order yours today and get ready to hit the streets (and trails) with a grin that's as those mommy milkers!

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